About Us

First class living is one of the many attractions at St Paul de Chartres Residential Aged Care and Retirement Units.

The site offers 98 low and high residential aged care beds and 82 retirement units.

St Paul de Chartres retirement units are co-located within the residential aged care facility.

Mission Statement and Care Objectives

Through aged care (quality) combined with the application of Catholic tenets, the services provided by the Sisters of St Paul de Chartres will:
• Offer a high level of personal care to residents as evidenced by the achievement of external accreditation
• Offer a variety of services to residents for their spiritual, social, physiological and physical comfort.
• Provide an environment that is therapeutic, aesthetic, rehabilitative and safe for all residents and their significant others.
• Provide a working environment that is conducive for work, motivation, creativity, enthusiasm, respect, dignity and joy.


We recognise that ageing is a normal process in life and that the aged are entitled to the fullness of life, freedom, spiritual support and comfort from family, friends, staff and the wider community.

We believe that the aged need to continue to grow gracefully and carefully in their own vocation. They are therefore encouraged to express their personality and creativity, and have the right to complete information and education to enable them to make decisions regarding their total wellbeing.

We consider it is privilege to be with the aged in their last journey of life and ensure the use of all natural means in this journey in line with man’s dignity.
Euthanasia or any other similar practice that terminates this journey unnaturally will never be employed.

Our philosophy is anchored in our catholic belief in the personal dignity and well-being of each individual, made in the likeness of God, destined to the fullness of life in God.

The personal dignity and well-being of the person demands in our service the highest quality of care that attends to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, psychological, social ability and needs of the residents regardless of race or creed.

Ageing is a normal process