Other Services and Information

St Paul de Chartres provides a full range of services, with GPs and specialists in geriatric medicine, psychology, and psychiatry as well as a physiotherapist, music therapist and pain specialist nurse on staff.

The facility also utilises the services of a speech pathologist, occupational therapist and podiatrist when required. A hair dressing service is offered three times per week and caters for residents’ beauty needs.


St Paul de Chartres encourages professional development for all staff which is designed to maintain staff competence in work performance and enhance skills relevant to the needs of residents.

All staff are required to attend an orientation day and an annual update of Manual Handling, Fire Safety, Infection Control and Work Health Safety. Other requirements of employment include First Aid/CPR Certificates.

Management is very proud of the excellent care and service provided by their dedicated staff. There is a strong commitment to caring for the resident’s individual needs.

Each employee is a valued member of staff in their varied roles.

Within this close and caring environment, working together as a team to bring dignity, love, joy and quality into the lives of our residents is upheld. This has been achieved by providing a working environment that is professional, encouraging teamwork, motivation, creativity, enthusiasm and respect.


The volunteer program at St Paul De Chartres engages special people who show compassion and have a strong desire to assist our residents to enjoy a better quality of life.

Volunteers cater to the special needs of residents in many ways, such as friendly conversation, assisting in reading, writing and offering comfort. They also assist with taking residents on outings, walking around the gardens and entertaining. Other volunteer activities include helping our administration staff with special projects.

Contact us if you would like to participate in our volunteer program.

Dedicated staff and volunteers