Pastoral care

The objective of pastoral care is to provide spiritual support and moral guidance services to our residents, family members and staff, to help them to live a more peaceful and harmonious life.


  • Residents are informed of our available services. When they express their need for any spiritual help or religious services, the Sisters will try to assist, regardless of denominations.
  • Daily Mass is held in the Main Chapel.
  • Each Resident’s room is fitted with a video link to the Chapel so that the resident can attend daily Mass in his/her own room.
  • Sisters from The Pastoral Care Team visit residents daily, spending time with them and with the families.
  • Sisters and Staff provide extra support to palliative residents by spending time praying with them if they wish. This support also extends to the resident’s family members.
  • A Mass is offered for a deceased resident on Fridays.
  • A Mass will be offered for ALL deceased residents in the month of November.
  • The Sacrament of the Blessing of the Sick and the Sacrament of Reconciliation are available on a regular basis.
  • The Anglican Minister and his assistant hold prayer services for Anglican residents.

Spiritual support and guidance