Important COVID-19 updates

Important COVID-19 update 9th December 2022


Those who have visited the facility this week will have noted the signs highlighting the fact that COVID is once again impacting our residents and staff.  Whilst this will be inconvenient it is important to highlight that how this situation can/will be handled is very different to past events.  As with previous events the Public Health Unit will have the ultimate authority to impose conditions on SPC but the expectations have changed considerably.

We currently have ten residents and four staff in isolation.  Most of our residents are asymptomatic and have been picked up during our regular precautionary testing.  A few have been tested because they developed a cough, but none are unwell.

As things stand, we are not in lockdown and are hopeful that we will remain open all be it with some restrictions.

Jade wing represent our greatest concern.  Staff working in this area will be confined to this area and will not work or interact with residents outside of this space.  Visitors to this area will be asked to wear additional PPE.

Residents who test positive will be asked to isolate in their rooms.  The resident and their families will be able to nominate two family members who can visit during the isolation period.  The visitor will be guided by staff as to the PPE precautions that are required.  Current guidelines remain in place for all other visitors.  It is also worth noting that the GPs have advised us there is a change in treatment protocols and Lagevrio (anti-viral medication) is no longer routinely recommended.  Our GPs have indicated they will be implementing the following protocols

  • No treatment for asymptomatic people.
  • Pulmicort or Paxlovid for mild symptoms, depending on other comorbidities.
  • Consider hospital transfer for moderate to severe symptoms

As always the registered nurse will discuss options and walk residents and families through the treatment plans.

There will be another round of testing on Monday (12th) and history would suggest we will have a few additional cases.  What will drive our decision-making processes will be where these cases are located within the facility.  We are already receiving calls enquiring about family Christmas functions – a decision on these functions will be made on Tuesday.  It is worth noting that all resident currently positive will have completed their isolation period prior to these functions.

The immediate reaction when you receive a message such as this is to wonder if your loved one has been affected.  Please be assured families of all residents who have tested positive and/or who are unwell have been contacted and will continue to be updated.

As with previous restrictions we will have our leisure & lifestyle staff available to assist with zoom calls for those that wish to avail of this opportunity can book a timeslot by calling reception on 3800 7188 or emailing a request for a timeslot to

We are mindful of both the inconvenience and stress that this situation will cause and thank you for your cooperation and assistance in minimising the threat to our residents.