Covid 19 Updates

Important COVID-19 Update 15th July 2022

Today’s news sees us moving in the right direction.

Previously we had hoped that the lockdown would be for one week until Monday 18th July.   Given what has happened during the week we are now looking to re-open on Wednesday 20th July.

So what has happened this week:-

  • Because we were seeing numbers increasing slowly we conducted PCR test on all residents on Monday 11th
  • As a result we discovered a number of residents who were asymptomatic with the virus
  • Monday’s testing increase the total number of residents affected to eighteen – symptoms ranged from none to that of a mild head cold
  • Our regular RATs today identified one additional resident. This resident was a close contact of one of the residents who returned a positive result earlier in the week.

Plans for the coming days:-

  • Tuesday morning will see the all but one resident reach the end of their isolation period
  • RATs will be conducted for all residents on Tuesday morning.
  • Assuming the expected negative results a deep clean will be performed in the rooms of residents who have recovered.
  • Residents will be allowed to mingle, use common areas and return to dining areas at this point.
  • Visitors will be permitted back into the facility on Wednesday morning 20th July 2022.
  • As per previous arrangements all visitors will be required to wear and N95 mask and have a RAT prior to entry (both will be supplied by SPC).
  • We request that if you are unwell you stay away – this request is not restricted to COVID. Please be mindful there are many respiratory viruses together with vomiting and diarrhoea bugs circulating in the general community and will continue to do so until mid-late August.


Important COVID-19 update 10th July 2022


As some of you may be aware SPC has been fighting to contain an increasing number of  COVID-19 cases amongst both residents and staff.  This has coincided with and increase number of cases in the wider community.  We know that the virus was introduced as residents returned from hospital and we have been largely able to trace the path of the virus through social groups.  We have been committed to testing as many residents as possible twice a week whilst staff are tested at the beginning of every shift.  What has become obvious is that this level of testing has missed some cases as it generally takes two days to be picked up on a RAT.

The past forty-eight hours has seen an increase in residents testing positive with additional residents showing some signs that they may become positive within the next twenty-four hours or so.  To date we have nine confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one case of Rhinovirus.  As a result, we have taken the decision to close the facility to all visitors for the next at least the next 7 days.

We are hopeful and will aim to reopen the facility to visitors on Monday 18th July.  Internally resident will be asked to remain in their rooms for the next seven days.  To date residents have only experienced mild symptoms and have had early access to antiviral medication. Staff will be required to wear full PPE during this period.  As of Monday 11th July we expect all but two staff to be back on deck.

The immediate reaction when you receive a message such as this is to wonder if your loved one has been affected.  Please be assured families of all residents who have tested positive and/or who are unwell have been contacted and will continue to be updated.

As with previous restrictions we will have our leisure & lifestyle staff available to assist with zoom calls for those that wish to avail of this opportunity can book a timeslot by calling reception on 3800 9188 or emailing a request for a timeslot to

We are mindful of both the inconvenience and stress that this decision will cause and thank  you for your cooperation and assistance in minimising the threat to our residents.


Update from 25th January

As previously advised all residents have had a RAT test today. Results are promising (although confusing and a little unclear in relation to one resident). All others have returned a negative result.

The deep clean will proceed as planned on Thursday and all things being equal we will reopen at 1:30 as planned.

What’s happening when we open:-

    • You must book your visit or risk significant delays – RAT testing will be supervised and numbers will be limited in each ten minute timeslot
    • Preference will be given to those who book and additional visitors will be asked to wait outside until there is a vacant testing station
    • Bookings can be made between 9:00am and 4:00pm 7 days a week by calling 3800 7188 or emailing
    • Visiting hours will change slightly 8:30am -4:00pm.
    • A limit of two visitors per residents at any given time and you must visit in the residents room or outdoor spaces only
    • You will be required to test negative on a RAT test. These are nasal swab tests which can be self-administered however there will be a nursing staff member available to
      assist and supervise. Masks and face shields must be worn at all times – these will be supplied
    • You will need to continue to take your temperature and log-in on Entrytrakr
    • All visitors over the age of 16 must have a current COVID-19 vaccination
    • If you are unwell please stay away

Please factor in the extra time it will take to clear reception in your plans. We understand that we are being ultra-cautious however we are walking a fine line between maintaining family relationships and managing a virus that can quickly get out of control. We don’t envisage the testing regime being this arduous for an extended period and hope that once things start to settle in the broader community we can relax the access rules accordingly.

Arrangements for visitors who are NOT VACCINATED

  • You will need to book as above
  • You will need to return a negative result on a RAT test
  • The remainder of the visit will follow the previously established protocols in the designated spaces within the grounds.

Arrangements regarding residents undertaking external trips from the facility

    • These are highly discouraged – especially in the coming fortnight whilst community infection remains high
    • The person collecting the resident must book and return a negative RAT result prior to the resident leaving the facility
    • Upon returning to the facility the resident will be required to undertake a RAT test on days 2, 4 and 6

Staff and contractors will be tested daily as they enter the facility during this period.

The current recommendation is that residents be tested twice a week. We have throat swabbing tests which are due to arrive on 2 February – they should make the testing a little
more comfortable for the residents.

Finally please be patient. It will take a few days to streamline the process both from our end and for visitors to get used to what they have to do. Thursday, Friday and Saturday are
already heavily booked following the announcements the other day. We are conscious of your anxieties and desires to see your loved ones. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure this can happen but it requires you to work with us to limit the risk to your loved one.

Together with the full support of our clinical leadership team and Queensland Health, SPC will continue to provide updates on this evolving situation.

For further information you can also contact the 134 COVID hotline (13 42 68) or visit the Queensland Health website COVID-19 update page –

Current from 13 December 2021

The opening of the boarders has been a long awaited event for many and now that it’s here we have a new health directive (no.11) that we must adhere to:

At this stage there are a number of items within the two documents which contradict each other and as a result we may be forced to make changes to our decisions within the coming days.

Key changes include:

  • From 13 December 2021, fully vaccinated arrivals from hotspots can visit vulnerable facilities
  • A person that has been to an interstate exposure site must wait 14days before entering and aged care facility
  • From 17 December 2021, only fully vaccinated persons – aged 16 and over – can visit aged care facilities for any reason. Unvaccinated persons can visit for limited reasons (e.g. end of life, parent or guardian, legal advocacy)
  • A person will be taken to be fully vaccinated if they have a recognised medical contraindication or are a COVID-19 vaccine trial participant

How SPC will be implementing the changes:

As of 13 December 82.3% of residents have received their 1st dose; 78.1% have received their second dose and 49.0% have received their booster shot. 100% of staff and volunteers are fully vaccinated.

  • All staff will continue to wear masks
  • Visitors must wear masks whilst moving through the facility
  • A fully vaccinated visitor visiting a resident who has been vaccinated may remove their masks in the confines of a residents room
    • Should either party not be fully vaccinated then masks must be worn at all times
  • As of 17 December all visitors must be full vaccinated

We fully understand that the entry process to the facility is time consuming and to some complicated however we are required to undertake certain checks on each individual who enters our premises and they will remain in the foreseeable future. There is a five step process

  1. Get your mask
  2. Sign-in via the ‘Qld Check In App’ – either using your smartphone or at the clearly marked iPad for manual registration
  3. Sanitise your hands
  4. Have your temperature taken at the temperature scanner
  5. Sign-In using Entrytrakr and complete your health declaration

You can speed up the process by creating your own user ID (trackerID) – this way you will only need to enter your personal information once meaning you only need to answer a handful of yes/no questions each time. Secondly, use your phone to scan the QR code for entrytrakr. It will direct you to a web page containing the same information as the iPad; bookmark the home page and use your trakrID to jump the queue by completing the health declaration on your phone. Additionally many have trouble with phone reception after they enter the building so accessing both apps immediately before entering the building is often quicker.

A reminder –

  • that visiting hours are 8:30am – 4:30pm seven days a week.
  • that you must provide us with a copy of your COID-19 vaccination certificate
  • to practice social distancing
  • limit your contact with other residents
  • visits must be in the residents room (max of two visitors at time in the room) or outside in the gardens
  • we still encourage you to ring before you visit. It will help in establishing that we have the right records in place e.g. vaccination records and help to ensure that others are not already visiting in the room given the two visitor limit within this space.