How to apply for Admission

Thank you for your enquiry regarding admission to St Paul de Chartres Residential Aged Care. To assist you in making this important decision we have put together an Application Package which we hope will answer many of your questions regarding residential aged care.

The enclosed package includes:

To apply please use our Application for Accommodation Form

As part of new arrangements introduced by the Department of Health & Ageing on 1st July 2005, residents seeking accommodation in a residential aged care service must complete an Assets Assessment form before their entry.

An asset assessment form can be obtained from Centrelink and must be completed for a decision to be made whether or not you are eligible to be a concessional or assisted resident. It is not compulsory to complete this Centrelink form if you will be paying the maximum accommodation bond or accommodation charge.

In addition to the above information we also have in place a Resident Agreement which is provided at the time of admission. The purpose of the Agreement is to ensure that each Resident is made aware of their rights and responsibilities, how to exercise their rights and what are the terms and conditions of entry into St Paul de Chartres Residential Aged Care. The Agreement also serves to assist in determining fees correctly.

Should you decide to go ahead and apply for admission to St Paul de Chartres Residential Aged Care a Resident Agreement will be made available to you as soon as you accept the place. By making this Application Package available prior to admission we hope to allow you time to absorb the information at your leisure. Our aim is that you will be able to make well-informed choices.

We hope that the information package enclosed will give you a better understanding of St Paul de Chartres and thereby reducing some of the anxiety you may be feeling about entering a residential care facility.

If you have any further questions. Please feel free to contact Deanne Hewson – Director of Nursing by phone on 3800 7188. We look forward to meeting you again.

Helping you apply